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This site could be a total recipe for disaster. You combine some very touchy subjects, sprinkle on some sex appeal and you take a potential mess and turn it into the best bukakke website out there. Dixieland still lives strong to the white guys starring in the movies. While it appears to be all tongue and cheek, you still wonder why a beautiful black woman would let 10 or so white dudes fuck her and then cover her body with sperm.

Tatiyana Fox
Tatiyaya Foxx – cumbang discount
Monique Symone
Monique Symone CumBang Discount
Cumbang Discount - Chanell Heart gangbang
Chanell Heart Cumbang Gangbang

Bukakke, believe it or not, is a Japanese term loosely translating as “to dash”, “splash”, or “heavy splash”. In the porn world, it’s when a group of men blow their load all over some girls face. The guys at Dogfart have turned this into a micro niche fitting in with their super successful Interracial. While most of their movies start Black men and white women, the roles are reversed on this one. And if you want to check this bad ass site out, we have a Cumbang Discount that you can use to get in cheap. Save yourself some money and use this coupon if you decide surfing torrent sites and ending up with malware and want the REAL clips, from the source. You should definitely consider paying. It keeps your privacy in tact, your computer free of nasty shit and helps the Cumbang movies get produced each week.

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“I didn’t know what to expect at first. I’d never joined a porn site before. I was scared I’d get charged for things I never wanted. I thought it would be a pain in the ass to cancel. When I joined used the Cumbang Discount and joined everything was perfect. No weird transactions on my card (they’re even discreet with billing, my wife didn’t even notice!), customer service was there to help with real humans answering my emails and if I want to cancel it’s super easy. Use this discount if you’re not wanting to shell out the $30 a month and save yourself some money and the headache of risking your computer to the nasty “free” sites.” – Samuel Pitwozi